“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” — Oscar Wilde

In 2018 alone, United States consumers spent over $210 million on journals and notebooks, an 18% increase from 2017 (NPD). These are staggering numbers that have only risen in the last several years.

Much of this rise is due to the prevalence of mindfulness and the popularity of bullet journals. But journals were used countless generations before the Instagram-friendly aesthetics of bullet journals.

Whether you use it for planning your business, writing down your daily life, or writing love letters you may never send, journals are extremely helpful and beneficial to one’s mental health. …

Preface: I have no children and have no degree in adolescent psychology, but am closer age-wise and probably maturity level to being a child than most other meditation teachers.

Have you ever noticed how children run from one thought to another — monster trucks to Legos to the color of the sky and then back to monster trucks again. It is one of the beautiful things about being a child: that everything is fascinating and new.

But, hyperactivity and thought jumps can also be frustrating for parents and teachers, and a potential indicator of ADHD. While a psychiatrist might recommend recommend medicine, there are countless pros and cons to medicating a child. …

What percentage of Americans do you believe meditate? Would you believe me if I said over 10% have tried it?

A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), statistics showed that 4.1% of surveyed adult Americans reported using meditation as of 2012 and that statistic jumped to 14.2% in 2017.

Furthermore, one can see the rise in interest over time via Google Search queries of “mindfulness” and “meditation”.

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Mindfulness Google Search Interest (2004-Present) via Google Trends

Yoga & meditation teacher | Film photographer | Aspiring writer | College student | Addict & alcoholic | Bipolar polar bear | Pansexual man

I truly am an amalgam of all of the above. Really, I consider myself a dabbling dilettante. Focus on one thing? Hell no. It’s more fun my way.

I am a 23-year-old yoga and meditation teacher on Insight Timer and for a couple gyms in the US.

It is strange to be 23 and a meditation teacher; I feel like I should be a sixty year old man with a beard and a Buddha belly, but the fact is, despite my youth, I help people with my meditations everyday.

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Ok, one year ago I had a vague understanding of disc golf. You throw a frisbee that people call a disc but it’s really a frisbee, right? And you try to get it in a basket which they call the whole, but is not actually a hole.

Apparently, there is much more.

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Mickey McCourt nailing a putt | Photo taken by the author

Around the time of quarantine’s beginnings, my friend John introduced me to disc golf. I picked it up quickly — throwing a lot of frisbees in my childhood and adolescence— and our friend group quickly became a tad obsessed.

It turns out that there are drivers, fairway drivers, and putters just like in golf. The discs vary in type of plastic, aerodynamics, weight, etc. If you want the nitty gritty details of disc golf, I am not the person to ask, but I do know one…

Between October and November 2020 — whilst attempting to budget money made from my job last semester — , I spent roughly $80 on assorted film photography supplies and $30 on development and scanning photos.

I regret absolutely nothing.

The story begins when I found my grandfather’s Olympus Zoom camera and loaded it with Fujifilm 200 film given to me by a photographer friend named Z.

I did the logical thing, and went out to take some photos with this point-and-shoot relic from 1990. Wham bam 2 weeks later, and here are a couple of the photos:

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Robin (photograph by Jason Levin)

I recently took a vacation from myself. It lasted somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes, was free, and took place in the spare bedroom in my apartment. If you know anything about me, I’m referring to either sex or meditation.

Considering I’ve been single throughout the pandemic, I think we know which one I’m referring to..

And to be quite honest, the presence, peace and clarity I’ve personally achieved during meditation far surpass that of sex, drugs, or just about anything else.

And is that not what we should be striving for throughout our daily lives? Presence, peace and clarity.

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Me @ Rutgers rockin’ a custom tee

If you want a solid, healthy vacation from the endless chatter and nonsense going on in your brain and you’d rather not medicate with food, sex, drugs, or alcohol, there is a way to do it: meditate on your breath.

Hi all, my name is Jason and I am addicted to thinking.

No, I did not say drinking, drugging, or fucking. I said thinking, and unless you consider yourself enlightened, then you, too, are addicted to thinking.

I was addicted to thinking — especially negative thoughts — and hell, I still am, but I have learned to process them in a much more serene manner: detaching using the skills learned in meditation.

I have been diagnosed with a form of OCD known as Pure O. Pure O sufferers are blasted repeatedly with intrusive thoughts about taboo subjects such as extreme violence (see Harm OCD), immoral sexuality (see POCD), and more. …


Jason Levin

Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer — dabbling dilettante elsewhere — www.jason.dog

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